IT Governance: Technology Advisory Group

The Technology Advisory Group is comprised of broad membership from across all areas of the college. The committee is charged with identifying risks associated with Information Technology; developing and recommending policies to help the College reduce IT risk; and providing input to IT in the development of the College’s IT Disaster Recovery and 3-year Technology Master Plans. In addition it makes recommendations for approval to the VP of Finance & Administration as per the defined criteria and process.



Chaired by the Director of Information Technology or Chief Information Officer


Charge of the Committee:

  • To identify risks associated with Information Technology, and to develop and recommend policies to help the College reduce IT risk.

  • To provide input to IT in the development of the College's Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan, and serve as the plan’s approving body.

  • To provide input and feedback to IT during the annual revision of the 3-year Technology Master Plan.

  • To serve as a vehicle for two-way communications with the IT department about macro-level Technology needs and plans.