College Council

Established by Section 356 of the New York State Education Law, the College Council of Maritime College consists of ten members – nine appointed by the Governor for seven-year terms (to serve without compensation), the tenth elected by and from the college’s students for a one-year term (at Maritime College, the President of the Student Government Association).

As provided in New York State law and by SUNY Board of Trustees policies, duties of the College Council include reviewing all major plans of the college, its budgets, administration of physical plant and grounds, rules governing student behavior and conduct, naming of buildings and grounds, and recommending candidates for appointment as president of the college. In accordance with New York State law, regular meetings of the council occur at least four times annually and all meetings of the college council must be open to the public, other than the portion of the meeting that may be held in executive session under the provisions of the same law.

College Council Members

Ms. Timothea S. Larr, Chair (term expired in 2017, continuing to serve)

Mr. Mark J. Brosnan (​term expired in 2015, continuing to serve)

Mr. William J. Garry (term expired in 2017, continuing to serve)

Mr. Thomas J. Higgins ‘81 (term expired in 2018, continuing to serve)

Mr. Joseph R. Conway (term expired in 2013, continuing to serve)

Austin Ford, Student Government Association president (​term expires in 2020)